Our History

1967: Kart-a-Bag, a division of Remin Laboratories, Inc. was founded by Eugene Kazmark, Sr. with the introduction of a one rod model.

1971: Introduction of first two rod model and the telescoping model, Continental 500.

1970’s: Concorde III, IV, & Flite-Lite 525 are introduced. All are two rod models for personal travel use.

1980’s: Commander 600, Super 600, Tri-Kart 800 are introduced as business carts with two rods.

1995: KARTMASTER HD500S, designed by Eugene Kazmark, Jr., was introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters annual trade show. It received one of 10 outstanding design awards from Video Systems Magazine.


Board of Directors

  • Eugene A. Kazmark, Jr.: President
  • Mary Kazmark-Bruskotter: Treasurer

Since 1967, Kart-a-Bag has manufactured high quality, durable telescoping hand trucks and carts which have a limited 10 year warranty. Kart-a -Bag has received many positive critical reviews of its products from writers in the travel, computer, photography, music and disc jockey markets, as well as TV and film.