Got a Kart that needs some help?

First off–do not throw away your cart or leave it in your garage to decorate a wall! Unlike many products produced in the last 20 years, our carts are repairable!!

Kart-a-Bag is very proud of the quality of its products. Many customers report using their carts for 10 years or more with no problems. However, the company is also aware that carts receiving daily use may require maintenance on wheels, cords, and when the handle refuses to telescope back into the storage size. Therefore, the company maintains a repair station for work and can answer most repair questions during the regular work week. Customers can replace some parts themselves or they can send their carts to the repair station for major work. Shipping & Handling costs to and from the repair station are paid by the customer.



What is the warranty coverage?

The limited warranty information sent out on each cart reads: “Kart-a-Bag is warranted for a period of ten years against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty service will be provided at no charge to the customer, except shipping and handling costs.”

What we will do:

Kart-a-Bag will, at its discretion, repair without charge, any unit that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Parts and labor are included.

What happens if it needs to be repaired?:

Upon receipt of a repair the cart will be inspected and then the customer will be contacted regarding repairs needed.

How long do repairs take?

Total time for repairs is approximately 2 weeks.

How to obtain service: A. Joliet repair station: You may either call during the business day or fax in your request. B. You must send your unit freight prepaid.

What is not covered:

This warranty does not cover damage caused by:
(1) normal wear and tear,
(2) abuse or neglect,
(3) damaged rods,
(4) damage by a common carrier. Kart-a-Bag reserves the right to determine what constitutes unreasonable use, and therefore whether a repair is subject to the warranty agreement.

This limited warranty is the only express warranty by Kart-a-Bag.


Q. The wheels on my cart are worn out?
A. Order wheel replacements.

Q. The elastic cords on my cart are worn out?
A. Order bunge cords replacements.

Q. Any cart model: Kart will not retract into the storage size.
A. Kart must be sent to repair center. Call the repair site in Joliet Illinois to get an approximate repair cost. Tell the customer service representative what is wrong with your cart. Be sure you know the model of the cart before you call. The model number is located on the sticker to be found on the mid-section of your cart. (When the cart will not close, an aluminum rod is usually bent or damaged and must be replaced.) Bent or damaged rods are not covered by warranty. The aluminum rods cannot be straightened and must be replaced. Ship the cart to the repair site with your name, phone number, and return address. If further work needs to be done to repair the cart, a customer service representative will call you to tell you and to give you the approximate cost to repair.

Q. How long does it take to repair my cart?
A. During the normal work year (excludes time before holidays) and using UPS shipping. Holidays present a major problem for everyone. Shipping time is extended and the number of repairs increase. Call or fax the repair station.

Q. Other problems?
A. Call or fax the repair station during the business week and ask.


Phone: 800-423-9328 in the United States or 815-723-1940 from anywhere else.

Fax: 815-723-2495

**All unclaimed property will be discarded after 30 days from initial contact with customer.